Hardwood Door Refinishing Process – How to refinish front door

  • Remove all door hardware, then replace it at the end of the day after the clear coat is dry to the touch
  • Cover glass inserts with painter’s tape and paper to prevent damage during sanding, stripping, staining, and clear coat application
  • Sand, strip, and stain doors on-site in the homeowner’s driveway or sidewalk. Dallas Door Refinishing won’t ruin the grass or the cement as large drop cloths are used to catch any mess
  • Advise as to whether existing door sweep and weather stripping need to be replaced, then replace it/them if needed.
  • Spray four coats of Clear Satin Protectant finish to provide UV protection from the Texas sun.

Wooden Door

Door Cracks

For an additional fee, Dallas Door Refinishing can fill cracks in doors with an epoxy resin called “T-88” specifically designed for wood doors. It’s dyed to match the grain and stain color of the door. Even large cracks can be repaired with T-88. It provides protection from the weather and stability for the wood itself.

FREE Door Hardware Replacement

Most hardware can be replaced for free using the Manufacturer’s Lifetime Finish Warranty. 80% of our customers get their hardware replaced this way. The photos below show the original hardware we removed, and the warrantied replacement hardware we installed.

Replace Hardware With New

If you don’t like the style or finish of your existing hardware we don’t try to profit by selling you new hardware.

We let you purchase your own hardware, and then we install it for you for free when we refinish your door. We can help you choose a brand, style, and finish for the hardware, and make sure it fits the existing drilled openings and key styles for your existing entry hardware.

Kwikset and Baldwin hardware feature “Smart Key Technology.” If you currently have Kwikset, Titan, or Baldwin (all are Kwikset subsidiaries) and you purchase one of those three brands with “Smart Key Technology” we will reprogram it to use your existing key.

All styles are relatively inexpensive, have re-programmable tumblers, and can be programmed to use the existing door key. In this way, you will still only need one key for your front, back, and garage entry doors.

Replace Hardware Via Warranty

Most hardware manufacturers offer a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. Here are the phone numbers for the most common door hardware manufacturers: (Please contact us first so we can guide you on exactly what to tell them and w hat to expect .) About 80% of our customers successfully get new hardware using this process.

  • Baldwin: 1-800-566-1986
  • Baldwin Prestige: 1-877-315-7853
  • Dexter: Dexter is a Schlage subsidiary, unfortunately they do not have a finish warranty
  • Kwikset: 1-800-327-LOCK
  • Schlage: 1-888-805-9837
  • Titan (subsidiary of Kwikset): 1-800-327-LOCK
  • Weiser (subsidiary of Kwikset): 1-800-327-LOCK

Call the customer service number for the manufacturer, provide the information they ask for and send them a digital photo of the hardware in the door. In most cases, the replacement hardware is shipped immediately and is received in under 2 weeks…and the most you should pay is $8 for shipping. In fact,many of the manufacturers don’t charge you anything at all.

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